Asociația Down Plus București (Down Plus Bucharest Association, Romania) is a nongovernmental, non-profit association whose goal is to create conditions that are favorable to the inclusion of people with the Down syndrome in society and also to improve their lifestyle with activities that are as various as possible. The Down Plus Bucharest Association was established in April 2014 and now it has 36 registered members, of whom 32 have the Down Syndrome, and 4 have autism. The intention to carry out activities both for people with the Down syndrome and for people with autism was not present in the beginning, but on the way we considered that they can learn from each other (people with autism have become more loving and they express affection better, and people with the Down syndrome have developed manual work skills, attention for details).

The NGO conduct activities almost every day of the week in order to offer a diverse programme to the beneficiaries so as to keep them busy and to prevent the two big predispositions: depression and obesity. In our programme we included sports: in every week, the beneficiaries have: gymnastics, dance, swimming, basketball and football. Also, we participate and also create major events dedicated to thise sports (regional, national and international competitions).