Club Esportiu Alba (Sport Club Alba, Tàrrega, Spain), promotes sport activities and habits with people with some type of learning difficulties or disabilities and mental illness, adapting the sports to clients needs and capacities. Facilitates the integration in society to people by sports activities. Organizes the participation national sport championships and also in sports meetings. Sports promoted by the Club Esportiu Alba are: Athletics, football, basketball, badminton, ping-pong, lawn bowling and cycling. The members are from geographic area from small regions, Urgell and Segarra, as it is the framework of action of the Association ALBA, entity to which the Club Esportiu Alba is linked. We work for: develop and / or acquire basic skills and physical abilities (sensory-motor, manipulative, agility, etc); improve the knowledge of their body image; improve the physical condition of athletes; identify and use those traditional physical activities that are rooted in the immediate environment; know the basic rules of different sports; creating habits to permanent sports practice as a resource for their leisure time; encourage recreational activities; develop hygiene after sport; know that sport improves health and therefore quality of life; strengthen relations among participants; be aware of your limitations; participate in physical and sports activities and assess aspects that promote respect and cooperation among participants; respect material and facilities; develop empathy as a value essential to the understanding and respect for others; participate as possible and within our chances in the championship ACELL.