Specialais Sporta Centrs (Special Sports Center, Kuldiga, Latvia) was founded 2011 and it is non profit public organization devoted to young people volunteering and development of persons with mental and physical disabilities, people  regardless age, background,  fitness level and health status  and education of sports teachers and trainers. Our team is young and full of creative people, part of them are sports specialists from Kuldiga district Municipality educational establishments, Children and Youth center of Kuldiga, Pelči special boarding primary school-development centre, Kuldiga Tourism and Technology Management vocational school.

Special Sports Center has experience in organizing different sports and teacher training events. Physical activities for people with disabilities are organized on regular basis twice a week. The team of our center works with volunteers for every event. Informative seminars for sports teachers take place twice a year.

Sports events: Bocce competition – local event, annually; Bocce competition – regional event in cooperation with Paralimpic of Latvia, annually; Bocce competition – national event in cooperation with Special Olympics of Latvia, annually; SOEE Bocce competition (Special Olympics of Europe Eurasia); Easter “Relay Race” – regional event, annually; training courses for sports teachers of Kuldiga district Municipality; training courses for all sports teachers of special education of Latvia.



Site: www.nadija.lv

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/specialaissportacentrs/