Universitatea Națională de Educație Fizică și Sport București (The National University of Physical Education and Sports Bucharest - NUPES), one of oldest public institutions founded in Europe, in 1923, offers each year degree programs - bachelor, master and doctoral programs, for about 800 students, in the physical education, sports and kinesitherapy areas of studies. The high level of educational services is recognized by the Romanian Agency of Quality in Higher Education.

UNEFS experience in higher education is oriented to the education quality and to the academic community performances, being confirmed by the important number of graduates who have become famous and appreciated in many countries of the world.

UNEFS undertakes the following actions in the areas relevant for this application:

  • develops and implements science in its domain of activity, at national and international levels, by promoting the healthy and active life style, the performance in sport, and the physical therapy;
  • enriches and treasures its theoretical and practical knowledge, but also its stores of specialty books and documents;
  • promotes its own and the universal scientific values, methodologies, inventions and innovations, modern theoretical and practical knowledge, experience and creative thinking, in relation to physical exercises;
  • provides, at the European qualification standards, student training and specialty further training in physical education, sports, kinetotherapy and other related professions;
  • organizes the student - centered teaching and learning, in order to train specialists with a solid professional-scientific background, highly prepared for educational, scientific, cultural, social and economic activities specific to the domain, but also to continuously improve its graduates’ proficiency, in the spirit of progress, knowledge and continuous education;
  • promotes international cooperation and integration into the European higher education system, from the structural, qualitative and economic effectiveness points of view;
  • provides a psychosocial climate favorable to both achievement of professional performances competitive at the international level and the construction of a successful career;
  • promotes the involvement of the teachers and students in projects and programmes intended to individuals, members of socially disadvantaged groups.

The UNEFS international cooperation actions are rendered effective through:

  • inter-university mobility for students, teaching and research staff, auxiliary teaching staff;
  • exchanges of experience and organization of workshops, conferences, congresses;
  • further training stages in internationally acknowledged education and research units;
  • study programmes developed in international partnership;
  • specialty training stages;
  • provides volunteers for running sport events or actions intended to individuals, members of socially disadvantaged groups.

UNEFS promotes the scientific research oriented to the development of physical education, sports and kinesitherapy field and its relations with other scientific areas, from an interdisciplinary perspective.

During the training-educational process, students learn different disciplines oriented towards individuals, members of socially disadvantaged groups. Moreover, the teachers and students involved in actions developed by different organizations/associations/foundations/centers and intended to socially disadvantaged individuals (institutionalized children, disabled children and adults, elderlies, aso). During such activities, the members of the academic community provide consultancy as coaches, referees, volunteers, aso.


Site: www.unefsb.ro

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UNEFS/